Always said it has to be
That's all I've ever wanted
As crazy as it seems
I'm ready to take off

A million times I've tried
A million times I've failed
If nothing lasts forever
I won't have to give in

Maybe I'm just moving on
I'm breathing

So tell me what's up next I can't expect
It's fucked up anyway
Behind this lazy face, some bruises
That won't heal day by day

Don't tell me it's alright
Cause I choose to get away
That decision was mine and you're not the one to blame
You 're not a part of this
It's something you can't miss
We both know why
You can't believe it's me
Surrounding my fears

For once I'm losin' it
Can't count the days I've lost for you
And if I could go back
I'd throw it all away

I used to pretend for no reason
To fit in
Believe in
Trying to catch the wind

What if I'm losing all my memories
What will be left of me
Was all that meant to be
I swear I won't get fucked again

I'm losing grip when something falls apart


from Sure. Fine. Whatever., released October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


HIGHTOWER Paris, France

Formed in 2013 in Paris, France, Hightower draws inspiration from the early days of classic Punk Rock beats and powerful Hardcore lyrics, combining fast and aggressive music with sincere and meaningful vocals.

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