See You At The Party, Malcom




It's easy to give yourself away
For days
When no one cares about it
Been told to understand
But knowledge is a burden
So I learnt by myself
How not to care
About what they're used to saying

I don't know

Born and raised to serve, nothing more
I'm trying to escape but I'm lost
Noose's tighten around my neck

So don't forget that you could be that one
Out of their sight
Your hands are tight as they possess your mind
They fucked with your brain

Fake smiles
And empty heads
To please your weakness
Pressure around your neck
You're feeling oppressed

And in the end we've been damaged we're tired
Of all this pain, suffered and lived the same shit
Wasted days
Worthless friends
So fuckin' useless

It's all so fuckin' useless


from Sure. Fine. Whatever., released October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


HIGHTOWER Paris, France

Formed in 2013 in Paris, France, Hightower draws inspiration from the early days of classic Punk Rock beats and powerful Hardcore lyrics, combining fast and aggressive music with sincere and meaningful vocals.

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