Sure. Fine. Whatever.


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Lyrics by Jeremie Lombard
Produced by Steve Evetts.
Recorded At Omen Room Studio, California.
Released on Knives Out Records.


released October 24, 2014


all rights reserved



HIGHTOWER Paris, France

Long story short, Hightower is a punk rock band from Paris, France founded in 2012 by two cousins who grew up listening to the finest 90s punk rock music.

Their debut album "Sure. Fine. Whatever." came out in 2014 and was recorded and produced by Steve Evetts.

In October 2016, they headed again to Los Angeles, California to record their second album "Club Dragon" also produced by Steve Evetts
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Track Name: Aqua Tiger
I wish I could tell why this anchor
Is dragging me out of my way
Forget about
It all collapsed
Lack of things to say

I will never understand
Why my brain is feeling numb
So blurry as it's burning
Sedated all the time

Spent the last decade to fulfill
Dreams of someone else
Someone who's not lost faith
And still believe in shit

For about two years now
It has been growin' in my mind
The less I care the more I'm going down

Holding on to how it used to be
Feeling numb, out of your league
So I let go
Ambitions fail I don't mind
So I let go
Until I'm getting out

It's always been the same
I'm standing behind
As far as I'm concerned
Rules are made for the worst

And these voices, how does it feel ?
Track Name: 1076
There's no way out
You're everybody else
Wasting time
To fit in the right place

No home
Can make you feel okay
And I know
There's nothing you can say

Fathers always told us
Mistakes that they have made
It burns inside to see where they have failed
Ups and downs
Are never expected
Cycle ends to give another chance

I won't ask for any other chance
Track Name: This Is Really Neat
A boy stands in the crowd
Among the ones who've lost it all
He used to be so quiet
When problems grew so fast they'd eat his soul

Where should he go ?
He'd love to run from this town
A song he knows
And one more pill to clear his mind

Same old
Defeating situations
He's learning to spend the time
Apart from all their filthy noise

Same old
Defeating situations
He's learning to spend the time
As years go by

He's betting it won't last
Vicious circle's running in his life
He's waiting for a new start
Society's not made to heal those wounds

Still he hopes
Someone would get him out
This dead end show
This one way path

He used to be a quiet boy
He lost his will to carry on
Track Name: Under A Funeral Moon
I often think about what could have been
Those little things I've wasted
Too many for too long
As I keep counting down
Each and every year's slowly passing me by
I feel more lost than found right among this brainless crowd

I didn't have the time
To find what's really mine and what depends on me not you
Don't wanna wait in line
When I feel so fuckin' down I can't escape their point of view

I can't get through
I didn't have the time
I'm torn in two
Until I touch the ground again
I don't know where I belong

I never think about
What could have been
Those little things I've wasted
That put me on my way
I often think about
What should have been
It wakes me up at night

If there was a light in the morning
Maybe someday it could mean something more
Sleep is a chain I deal with
Troubles I have are not meant to be wrong

Silence is all that's left to me
Track Name: D.T.T.F.W.D.
You're out
Empty speeches won't get you very far
These words are meaningless
You're wasting my time

And I know that nothing that I could ever say
Can make you change your mind
You take the wrong turn every time
Tell yourself that it's alright

Left your pride behind
To ease your one track mind

You left it all behind

Old time
To become standard was never in your mind
It was so obvious, no need to ask why
But there's no hope, it's not ever coming back
They'll try to fool you, what's real is deep inside

They'll try to fool you
So many times

One by one they'll get out of your sight
It's understandable, you're so fashionable
More and more, you avoid what's around
You're so predictable, so fashionable
Track Name: Motion Sickness
It seems so hard to understand
What's been in your fuckin' head
Again I torture myself
With questions I'll find no answers at
Do I move too fast for you
Or just don't give a fuck about us two
Tell me if I should slow down
Soon it all be gone

What's left me to do
It's like my words can't get the best of you
You're living in the past
Get over it cause bullshit will remain

Tell me if I'm moving too fast
Cause when I turn my head
I don't see you
Track Name: Sliders
Always said it has to be
That's all I've ever wanted
As crazy as it seems
I'm ready to take off

A million times I've tried
A million times I've failed
If nothing lasts forever
I won't have to give in

Maybe I'm just moving on
I'm breathing

So tell me what's up next I can't expect
It's fucked up anyway
Behind this lazy face, some bruises
That won't heal day by day

Don't tell me it's alright
Cause I choose to get away
That decision was mine and you're not the one to blame
You 're not a part of this
It's something you can't miss
We both know why
You can't believe it's me
Surrounding my fears

For once I'm losin' it
Can't count the days I've lost for you
And if I could go back
I'd throw it all away

I used to pretend for no reason
To fit in
Believe in
Trying to catch the wind

What if I'm losing all my memories
What will be left of me
Was all that meant to be
I swear I won't get fucked again

I'm losing grip when something falls apart
Track Name: Cobblepot
I'm waiting for the cold to go
Strange years of a disturbing sky
There's no more place I know
Warm tears won't come out of my eyes

Afraid to be just one of those
Who turn away when things go down
I wanna act but my mind froze
Don't really know why it's not right

I'm giving some time to think
What's best for me I don't get it
Everyone and everything
Don't seem familiar next to me

Learnt to leave it behind
It's not that easy

I'm waiting for the cold to go
Ten years of a threatening sky
Reminds me of a place I know
Warm tears slowly fall to the ground
Track Name: Fuck You, Peter
Kids don't know what's all about
What's really happening
Voices come and go so fast
And promises just fade
In a brief flash of light
There's no way to escape
If you think you can turn back

Just wait
Things won't ever last
Just wait
Time won't spare you

Used to dream about the past
When everyone was here
Laughing, smiling late at night
Some words you loved to hear
Some words you'll never hear again anymore
Hear anymore

Just wait
Things won't ever last
Just wait
Time will pound you with its truth

Kids don't know what's all about
There won't be no second chance

Smash my head against walls that won't break
Wish I've stayed away from the truth
Smash my head until blood's blinding me

Smash my head until I'm laying dead
Track Name: Passing By
I'm so exhausted
Let's just go home now
I've been too medicated
I wanna sleep all night

I should have told you
How many times I've tried
It may be so confusing
To hear those clumsy words

Life is just passing us by
It hurts so bad
Life is just passing us by
It fuckin' hurts so bad

And I've played this movie in my head
But still I'm struggling to understand
What went wrong when our days were so long and bright

I didn't care about fancy mornings
So many hours spent hesitating
To hold it back waiting out til' the sun goes down

How can I rest in piece when
There's so much more to live outside these
Walls that lock me up
I'm half asleep most of the time
Sedated by some white pills and red eyes
Unconsciously condemned to taste the ground

I'm wandering
Decisions made don't matter anymore
Wasted away, the end seems so pointless
Track Name: See You At The Party, Malcom
It's easy to give yourself away
For days
When no one cares about it
Been told to understand
But knowledge is a burden
So I learnt by myself
How not to care
About what they're used to saying

I don't know

Born and raised to serve, nothing more
I'm trying to escape but I'm lost
Noose's tighten around my neck

So don't forget that you could be that one
Out of their sight
Your hands are tight as they possess your mind
They fucked with your brain

Fake smiles
And empty heads
To please your weakness
Pressure around your neck
You're feeling oppressed

And in the end we've been damaged we're tired
Of all this pain, suffered and lived the same shit
Wasted days
Worthless friends
So fuckin' useless

It's all so fuckin' useless

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